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Ryze and Grind: MSI teams are decided this weekend

The LCK, LPL and IWCI finals all take place this weekend. Buckle up!

Riot Games

We already know Counter Logic Gaming, G2 Esports and Flash Wolves will make up half of the Mid-Season Invitational Field in Shanghai. This weekend, we find out the other half, with finals for the two biggest League of Legends regions and the Wild Card finals taking place.

IWCI semifinals:

Semifinal 1: No. 2 Hard Random sweeps No. 3 INTZ e-Sports

Semifinal 2: No. 1 SuperMassive eSports sweeps No. 4 Saigon Jokers

IWCI finals: Saturday! At 1 p.m. ET! Turkey's SuperMassive is likely the favorite, but Russia's Hard Random looked like the best team in the tournament for the first three days.

LPL finals: Saturday! At 3 a.m. ET. Royal Never Give Up will face defending MSI champion Edward Gaming for the Chinese crown.

LCK finals: Also Saturday, but starting at 4 a.m. ET. Defending Worlds champions SKT will face off against ROX Tigers, which has looked like the best team in the world this year. Reader Tacit7 has a great FanPost previewing the finals here.

Speaking of FanPosts ... They're a great way to become involved in The Rift Herald community and get your thoughts out there! Here's a guide on how to best use FanPosts and FanShots.

TSM is looking for a new support again. Maybe it's you?

Public Beta Environment updates:

Lots of stuff in the works ahead of the big Patch 6.9, so check out Surrender at 20's roundup.

There's more info on the new Dragons:

Also included: more clarity on Illaoi's changed E, some Kindred changes, a direct nerf to the OP Malzahar jungle and some Guardian Angel changes.

Best coach NA? Tim Sevenhuysen makes the argument for The Score that CLG's Tony "Zikz" Gray is North America's best.

Play of the day:

This 2 v. 5 Yasuo Pentakill, via Reddit user fariwow98:

Yes, it is possible to get an S+ on a support.

via Reddit user FullMetalPanda: