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TSM announces YellowStar leaving the team, will hold open tryouts for support position

Roster turnover starts already for the Spring Split runners-up.


Starting Team SoloMid League of Legends support player Bora ‘YellowStar' Kim will leave the team and return to Europe for the rest of the 2016 season, TSM announced on its website Thursday. A French native, YellOwStaR was a major acquisition for the team this previous offseason after making six straight EU LCS finals with European powerhouse Fnatic.

YellowStar was one of four new signings for TSM before the Spring Split, along with top laner Hauntzer, jungler Svenskeren and marksman Doublelift. TSM struggled at the beginning of the split with its new roster, but rebounded with a strong finish, falling to Counter Logic Gaming in a dramatic five-game NA LCS finals series.

YellowStar also struggled at the beginning of the split, dying much more frequently than in previous seasons. However, he had a very strong playoff performance, leading all playoff players in assists.

In the announcement, TSM says it will have open tryouts for the support position and would prefer English fluency. TSM also notes YellowStar is still under contract by TSM, so any teams looking to sign him will have to negotiate with TSM first.