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The Spanish team with the Level 1 plays is up to its old tricks again

The Spanish league only just started, but KIYF Logitech has already made another cheeky early-game play.

About a week ago, we introduced you to the coach of KIYF Logitech, the Spanish League of Legends team that had gained some internet notoriety after a pair of astonishingly creative Level 1 plays got them some well-earned First Bloods. Well, the Spanish Honor League has started, and once again, it's KIYF stealing the show with some tricky early game strategy.

Just look at it! This a perfect example of taking advantage of the lane swap meta. By showing Maokai in the top lane, KIYF makes its opponent believe they've set up for standards lanes. Since eMonkeyz has brought its bottom lane up to the top lane for a lane swap, that would traditionally mean Maokai getting bullied out of lane and heading towards bottom so the two teams can trade towers. Instead, KIYF's bottom lane is hiding in a bush, just waiting for the opposing bottom lane to show up and get killed.

Just beautiful. Thanks for being you, KIYF.