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1-on-1 with Huni: The top lane meta, low ELO mistakes and his cooking skills

Huni predicts a TSM win in the finals, explains why he doesn't value tank Ekko as highly as other top laners do, and reveals which out-of-the-box champion he wanted to play against Team Liquid.

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The Rift Herald caught up with Huni after Saturday's sweep of Team Liquid in the third-place match.

The Rift Herald: So how're you feeling?

Huni: Kind of sad. Kind of happy. It should have been the final, but you know, anyway, we still won.

TRH: Have you been following EU since you left?

Huni: Not really.

TRH: What's your pick for tomorrow, for CLG-TSM?

Huni: I would say TSM. 3-1.

TRH: If you weren't playing League of Legends, if it didn't exist, what would you be doing right now?

Huni: That's a nice question, because I don't know. I think I would have done more study in Korea. I was not that bad at studying. I was really good at math. Actually, I could only do math. My English was terrible. My English was like a 5 out of 100.

TRH: What's the biggest mistake you see low ELO players make?

Huni: I think they just don't think. Always, when you play the game, you should think about which case is better, and then you need to think about what should I do better as a team. Because this is 5 vs. 5. Of course, maybe if your mechanics are really good, then you can just snowball from the lane. But, then you are not in low ELO, you know? You would not be in low ELO. So just think more, or get better mechanics, play a lot.

TRH: So you pulled out some tanks today. What does that say to the people who said you couldn't play tanks?

Huni: I'm really happy, because everyone was saying 'Huni can not play tank, that's why they're losing,' you know? It was kind of hard to hear that because even myself, it was hard to pick up on the tanks on the stage. Last year, I was playing tanks on the stage. From that time, I lost a lot, we couldn't go to IEM, and then the changed meta, that's maybe why I was playing really well. And then, the meta changed to tanks, so yeah.

TRH: Why is it that you don't prioritize tank Ekko as high as other teams?

Huni: Ekko has no scaling. Usually, tank champions have percentage max health damage. If Ekko is 0/0/0 at Level 12, Level 13, he's really useless. He doesn't do any damage, he can just run away on Summoner's Rift with his movement speed. That's why I didn't want to pick it. Because of course we tried it so many games in scrims and I thought this is not bad, but this is not good as compared to Poppy or Maokai or Gragas. They just outscale everything, that's why I didn't pick it.

TRH: What champion do you really want to play that your coach will never let you play?

Huni: I don't know, really I was just playing whatever I want, and then we f***ed up, you know? We realized 'oh we are kind of being behind the meta,' that's why we lost, I guess, and then we tried to follow the meta.

TRH: What was your favorite meta for the top lane?

Huni: When Lissandra and Rumble were good. Even I play Lissandra still in the regular season, but it's not working properly right now.

TRH: What champion do you think most needs a rework?

Huni: I don't know about champions, but pretty sure I can just say item and masteries. Every f***ing champion just go Grasp with Iceborn, Sunfire, Spirit Visage. Everyone's going that, you know?

(whispering) I was practicing Kassadin top, with Iceborn and Grasp. I was going to play it today, but my coach didn't let me play.

TRH: What champion do you ban in ranked?

Huni: Twisted Fate. It's really just annoying. It doesn't matter, he doesn't have to farm and then he teleports over anyway and get kill, get kill, get kill.

TRH: What champion is best right now in the top lane in ranked?

Huni: I would say Poppy. Poppy's like really good at playmaking, and she's a really good tank. No one can counter her right now, matchup-wise.

TRH: You've got a date coming over that you want to impress. You have to cook dinner, but you can't use a microwave. What are you making?

Huni: I cannot use microwave? {No microwave.} Awwww. Awwww. For dinner? It should be big, right? {I mean, it's up to you, you want to impress, right?} I'm gonna cook steak. Nothing else. I like steak. Steak is great.