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Immortals vs. Team Liquid: NA LCS third-place game open thread and VODs

Come hang out with us as Immortals tries to find redemption!

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Fnatic vs. H2K has concluded in Rotterdam, which means it's time to move onto Team Liquid vs. Immortals in the North American third-place series.

Liquid swept NRG in the first round of the playoffs before falling to CLG in a stellar five-game series. Immortals received a first-round bye after rolling to a 17-1 regular season record, but was surprisingly swept by TSM in the semifinals.

We'll keep this post updated as the VODs come in, without spoilers (there will be a different post updating with live results after each game).

What matchups are you looking forward to today? What's your prediction? Personally, I'm looking forward to the jungle matchup, and I think Immortals will win, three games to one.

Feel free to use the comments below to make your own predictions and tell us what you're looking forward to in Liquid vs. Immortals!

Game 1:

Game 2:

Game 3: