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Ryze and Grind: the LCS third-place matches are today

Ryze and Grind is a morning links post, getting you caught up on what's happening in the world of League of Legends.

Riot Games

Ready up for Liquid-Immortals and Fnatic-H2K. The LCS third-place games are coming at ya from Rotterdam and Las Vegas, respectively. Sunday's the big day, with the finals for both regions, but the third-place games are plenty important for Worlds qualifications.

Saturday/Early Sunday's pro schedule (all times Eastern):

5 a.m.: SK Telecom T1 vs. KT Rolster (LCK semifinals, winner faces ROX Tigers) (this series will probably be over by the time you read this, so look for a VOD)

5 a.m.: Flash Wolves vs. Machi (LMS semifinals, winner faces ahq e-Sports Club) (ditto re: timing and a VOD)

11 a.m.: H2K vs. Fnatic (EU third-place series)

3 p.m.: Immortals vs. Team Liquid (NA third-place series)

5 p.m.: Lyon Gaming vs. Isurus Gaming (IWCI Day 1)

6 p.m.: Hard Random vs. INTZ (IWCI Day 1)

7 p.m.: SuperMassive vs. Chiefs (IWCI Day 1)

8 p.m.: DetonatioN FocusMe vs. Saigon Jokers (IWCI Day 1)

9 p.m.: Chiefs vs. Hard Random (IWCI Day 1)

10 p.m.: INTZ vs. Lyon Gaming (IWCI Day 1)

11 p.m.: Isurus Gaming vs. DetonatioN Focus Me (IWCI Day 1)

1 a.m: Royal Never Give Up vs. Team World Elite (LPL semifinals)

6 a.m.: Qiao Gu Reapers vs. Edward Gaming (LPL semifinals)

MSI is going to impact Worlds seeding now. The full explanation is over here, but basically the four teams that advance to the knockout stages at MSI will earn a top four seed for their region at Worlds. LoLEsportspedia has some examples.

Legend of the Poro King is live!

It's only up through Sunday, so get your Poro games in before it's too late. Next up on the weekend rotation: Ultra Rapid Fire, followed by Hexakill and One For All.

Bugged Mordekaiser.

Reddit user Naerlyn has a detailed breakdown of the many bugs currently plaguing the Iron Revenant, complete with video.

Player spotlight: Febiven

Riot's player spotlights are always cool, because seeing how players' families reacted when they found out their child or sibling wanted to play video games for a living generally makes for funny and/or inspiring moments. This week's video on Febiven is special, because his Fnatic team plays in the third-place match in his home town of Rotterdam.

Mark'z Macro Play of the Week

Former Team Liquid analyst and assistant coach Mark Zimmerman spends his time making informative videos now. His latest breaks down how a play early in Team Liquid's quarterfinal match against NRG helped lead to a TL win.

Can't get enough video content? Good news! Dash interviewed XmithieJatt interviewed YellowStar, and the latest episodes of TSM Legends and Origen's Chasing Glory are out.