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This guy made a perfect champion reveal for his Riot job application

That's one way to get noticed by the people in charge of hiring


Meet Kyle. Kyle is about to graduate from the University of Illinois, and he really wants a job with Riot Games. He wants it so bad that he decided to apply at the company in one of the most interesting ways possible: by making a clone of Riot's new champion reveal pages featuring all the necessary info about himself!

You can check out the unique application for yourself here. It runs down Kyle's real-life skills as though they were in game abilities, including such highlights as "Grand Design" and "Syntax Error" (a.k.a. his knowledge of various programming languages). It even includes some unique art apparently provided by Kyle's brother, Tyler.

kyle abilities

According to Kyle's post on Reddit, he's already submitted the resume to Riot. At the very least, its unique style should get him looked at. Best of luck in the job hunt, Kyle!