Patch 6.7 Notes [TL;DR]

The one where we drain some extraneous power from some top-tier picks and buff Irelia.


Buff Nerf Lil' bit of both Change New

Champion Buff/Nerf/Change Patch
Q stun duration down. R slow adjusted.
Basic attack ratio down.
Q cost down, attack damage ratio up.
Q cost increased and damage down. E cost down.
W heal down early but up late. R is now self-cast.
This is a buff to prettiness and sass.
W missile speed up.
W damage down early, up later.
Passive and E range down.
Q damage down.
Passive doesn't reset basic attacks.
R cooldown up.
Q and W's mana costs increased
Health regen down.
R's damage on-hit and amage over time down.
W cooldown increased. W's bonus attack damage passive decreased.

Global Splash Unification

Updating old splash arts to be the same in all regions.
Part one of several.


Item Buff/Nerf/Change Patch
Magic resist down. Attack speed removed.


Mastery Buff/Nerf/Change Patch
Ranged champions lifesteal less from minions.


Thing Buff/Nerf/Change Patch
Death Timers Shorter death timers in mid-game.


Thing Buff/Nerf/Change Patch
Vision If you can see an enemy champion without the assistance of wards or vision effects,
they can always see you and vice-versa (Graves’ Smokescreen or other vision reducing effects aside)
Vision Fixed a bug where killing a blue trinket would reveal the area around you for a short period of time.
Vision Fixed a bug where attacking an enemy champion near a wall could give them vision over that wall.


Thing Buff/Nerf/Change Patch
Rotating Game Mode Queue On weekends, new game modes will be available for play.


Thing Buff/Nerf/Change Patch
Premade Limiter Tightening premade skill gap limits at the top of the ranked ladder.


Key fragment drops will be enabled on ARAM and Twisted Treeline during this patch.
The top loot tiers now have names for easier identification.


Fixed a bug that could cause Rengar's basic abilities to have no cooldown.
Fixed the Play Again button for all matchmade queues.
Restored High Noon Jhin's harmonica sound effect when his fourth shot is ready.
Base Syndra's movement animations have been fixed.
Traveling through Bard’s E - Magical Journey no longer rarely takes you in the wrong direction.
Fixed a bug where Lucian's R - The Culling would sometimes be interrupted even if he had a spell shield.
Fixed a few cases where Twisted Fate’s blue W - Pick A Card didn’t refund mana when used on objects like Teemo mushrooms or Illaoi tentacles.
The cast range indicator for Xerath’s R - Rite of the Arcane has been shrunk to match the ability’s actual range.
Xerath’s R - Rite of the Arcane no longer fails to deal damage to Baron Nashor at extreme ranges.
Expanded the range indicator of Zz’Rot Portal to better match Voidspawn travel distance.
Item shop tooltips no longer occasionally pop up on their own when opening the shop.
The item shop search bar no longer clears itself at random intervals.



Mecha Zero Sion

Program Lissandra

Program Soraka