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Ryze and Grind: the LCS finals are coming

Ryze and Grind is a morning links post, getting you caught up on what's happening in the world of League of Legends.

Riot Games

Finals are coming up! This weekend, CLG will face TSM and G2 will play Origen. There's also Team Liquid vs. Immortals and H2K vs. Fnatic as a warm-up.

Get hyped for NA:

If you are going to Las Vegas, here's a guide (and make sure to come to say hi to us Rift Herald folks). If you're going to Rotterdam, there's a guide for that too.

CLG thinks the new Taric is BROKEN. My favorite passage from this cool piece of content from CLG:

[on Taric's new ultimate]

It's broken dude.

That's broken. [Laughs] It's so broken.

You can jump in for the baron steal and say what's up baby?

It's pretty dumb.

Pretty interesting, I like abilities that will be game changing and I can see how this ult will completely turn around a teamfight.

PBE Updates: New splashes for EvelynnRammusInfernal Diana and Tundra Hunter Warwick. Catch up with all the changes with SurrenderAt20's 6.8 cycle megapost.

Mage update expected in 6.9. Per Riot Meddler. There's a solid breakdown of what to expect here: Brand, Cassiopeia, Malzahar, Vladimir, Vel'Koz and Zyra are getting the biggest reworks.

Annnnd a sensible rework to Illaoi's E.

From Meddler:

  • Tentacles no longer appear in FoW for enemies
  • Vessel duration cut dramatically (been testing values in the 10-15s range, down from 60s)
  • Vessel state spawns nearby tentacles much faster 3-5s instead of 10s)
  • Tentacles can spawn closer to each other if spawning from vessels

Another class update coming after Worlds. Possibly assassins, per Meddler.

Fun with numbers! Oracle's Elixir founder Tim Sevenhuysen does awesome work with stats, and his latest invention is pretty freaking neat: a beta version of a win probability calculator. Just enter the gold difference, dragon difference and map side at 15 minutes, and it'll spit out the likelihood of a certain team winning.

Crying Jordan has made its way to League of Legends.

Excellent stuff. (h/t /r LoL)

Televised college game upcoming. The Big Ten Network will become the first collegiate network to televise a League of Legends match later this month, as they will broadcast Ohio State vs. Michigan State from PAX East. The uLoL Final Four will also be taking place at PAX East, with Robert Morris, the University of Maryland, the University of British Columbia and Georgia Tech duking it out for the final.

Good night, sweet Dignitas. You were too precious for this world.