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Riot just released an incredible, long-awaited Transformers-inspired skin for Sion

Rift champions, transform ... AND ROLL OUT

What's better than League of Legends? How about League of Legends mixed with everyone's favorite '80s cartoon series, Transformers?

Riot has really outdone itself with the latest in its line of mecha skins. As you can see in the video above, Mecha Zero Sion is just a wildly detailed scene. The way its movements and sounds recall Transformers (while maintaining what's special and important about Sion as a champion) is really impressive.

If you're sold, the Mecha Zero Sion skin is available for purchase in game now. It will cost you 1,820 Riot points (about $13 in League bux) and comes with unique animations and noises for all of Sion's abilities.

Also, he can turn into a train. For real.