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Proposed Ziggs changes could make him a tower-sieging machine

Who's going to be the first to pull out support Ziggs for a quicker lane swap?

Riot Games

There's a pretty big mage rework scheduled for Patch 6.9, and among the champions targeted is Ziggs, your friendly neighborhood explosive Yordle.

Those explosions appear to be targeting towers next.

From RiotMeddler, on the boards:

This is a new mechanic where Satchel Charge will be able to affect towers if they're below a certain health threshold (currently 25% in internal testing), destroying them immediately.

We tried significantly lower thresholds, they resulted in the effect almost never being meaningful. The tower was either going to fall within a second or so already or it wasn't worth the risk to Ziggs of using his long CD escape/only hard CC.

Needless to say, a champion that could quickly finish off towers would change a lot of things for how League is played, both at the amateur and pro levels. With pro teams often opting into early game lane swaps and trading towers, a team with Ziggs involved in the tower trading will take those towers down significantly faster.

Of course, as with many proposed changes, it could end up being not nearly as effective as it sounds. Particularly in the later game, when teams siege towers quickly, by the time the tower gets down to 25% it's probably going down anyway.

Either way, innovative mechanics like this are good for the game, allowing for different kinds of strategy and more variety in your play experience. We'll see the finalized changes for Ziggs probably some time in the next month.