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Team Impulse's NA LCS spot is available for purchase again

Anyone got, like, a spare million around?


Team Impulse is looking for investors and may even sell its spot in the NA LCS 2016 Summer Split, Yahoo is reporting. No specific price has been listed, but NA LCS spots last split went for as high as $1 million.

This isn't the first time TIP's been through this -- GameStop reported last October TIP intended to sell its spot in the 2016 Spring Split.

Formed in July 2013 as LMQ, TIP was originally a Chinese League of Legends team, competing in the LPL in Season 3 (and finishing in sixth place). LMQ moved to North America after that season, hoping to make its way up to the LCS. After running through the Challenger Series, LMQ qualified for the NA LCS in Season 4, finishing second in the regular season and qualifying for Worlds with a third-place playoffs finish.

LMQ rebranded as Team Impulse in December 2014, and just barely missed out on Season 5 Worlds after finishing in fourth place both splits. After a failed attempt to sell the team, TIP finished in ninth place in the 2016 Spring Split with an absolutely gutted roster (departures included NA LCS MVP Rush, former Worlds winner Impact and Immortals support Adrian), but managed to hold onto its LCS spot by defeating Apex Gaming in the Promotion Series.

As for candidates to buy Team Impulse's spot, Dallas Mavericks owner and outspoken esports advocate Mark Cuban has previously hinted at his interest in buying an LCS spot. As big money continues to flow into the LCS, this might be one of the last slots available for a while.