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Watch us discuss Camille's possible ability kit

Julia and Ryan discuss potential abilities, knife leg care, and Pokémon

On Thursday, Riot revealed the first teaser, a comic, for its newest Champion, Camille. The 14 page digital comic depicts a knife/sword leg lady named Camille (who seems to be the Batman of Piltover) taking on a crime lord by the name of Baron Volkage.

The comic is beautiful and pretty damn cool if you are into cyborg people using their impractical, lethal appendages to fight crime (and really, who isn’t into that)? But what makes things more interesting is that, according to game designer Riot Scruffy, the comic accurately shows off several of Camille’s potential abilities.

History tells us that we will be getting a full kit announcement for the new Champion this coming week, so before that, a few Rift Herald staffers wanted to jump in and speculate wildly about what that kit might look like. Take a look.

Julia and Ryan speculate about what Camille's abilities might be!

Come watch us guess what League of Legend's newest Champion may be able to do!

Posted by The Rift Herald on Saturday, November 19, 2016

Do you think that we accurately guessed any abilities? Do you have any better ideas? Most importantly, what do you think of our Pokémon teams? Post your thoughts below or comment on the Facebook video, and be sure to keep an eye out for Camille’s full kit announcement, hopefully coming soon.