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The Rift Talk Ep. 1: Talking flex queue, preseason and IEM Oakland

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Hey folks! Pete Volk here, managing editor of The Rift Herald. We’ve been planning some video content over the past few weeks, and we’re happy to present the first episode of The Rift Talk, which will be a weekly show where we talk about the biggest topics in League. The show will mostly focus on gameplay, including patch changes, the champions that are performing best right now, and more, but we’ll also talk about the competitive scene and anything else relevant to the community.

This week, we talk about flex queue’s matchmaking issues, the preseason changes and how they’ve impacted the game, the absurd strength of Courage of the Colossus (and Ivern), the addition of 10 support champions to the free champion rotation and the upcoming IEM Oakland tournament. There’s more too, I’m sure, but those are the main topics we covered in the ~hour-long show.

So without further ado, here’s the first episode. I hope you enjoy and please leave us feedback in the comments! We will be doing an episode of The Rift Talk each Wednesday at around 6:30 PM ET on our Facebook page.

The RiftTalk - Episode 1

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Posted by The Rift Herald on Wednesday, November 16, 2016