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Ivern’s win rate continues to soar after another buff

Imagine that!

Riot Games

When Ivern was released on Patch 6.20, his win rate was so bad (starting at 32.72 percent) that he needed a hotfix, bring up to 36.17 percent by the end of the patch. On Patch 6.21, without any additional buffs, Ivern’s win rate soared by double digits, rising all the way up to 47.95 percent.

On Patch 6.22, Ivern was buffed again, and now his win rate is nearly out of control. He’s now at 53.79 percent in ranked games Platinum and above, according to, ranking second among 49 junglers. He also leads all junglers with 13.13 assists per game, living up to his reputation as a support jungler.

In terms of ability order, Iverns are starting Q before maxing E, then Q, then W. Many Iverns have also been delaying the completion of their jungle item or not completing it at all, opting for strong items like Athene’s Unholy Grail, Locket of the Iron Solari and Redemption.

The strongest keystone mastery for Ivern appears to be Courage of the Colossus, currently one of the strongest keystones in the game. There is a differing school of thought for what to do with the non-resolve portion of the tree, but those of these options have very high win rates.