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Replays are finally coming to League of Legends

You’ll be able to watch your replays and clip highlights starting next season.

Riot Games

One of the most long-awaited features in League of Legends is finally arriving. Replays, something the community has asked for for years and years, will be added to the client next season, Riot announced in a post Thursday.

Previously, players had to use third-party sites and software to record their games. Reviewing your replays can be vital to the process of improving as a player, and it’s also fun to be able to clip highlight plays you made to share with your friends or make into a highlight video.

That second part is going to be directly in the client, by the way, so you’ll be able to clip highlights through that. Replays will be viewable in the current spectator view, with a new annotated timeline added:

Here’s how it will work, per the post:

Download your replay from the End of Game Screen or Match History.

Watch Replays from the current patch using our new Replay Mode, with the functionality you’re used to from Spectator Mode.

Find cool moments using the new Annotated Timeline, which marks major events like kills, takedowns of towers and inhibitors, and dragon/baron kills.

Capture video clips of your in-game moments (“Highlights”) using built-in recording functionality.

These Highlights will be stored on your hard drive (C:\MyDocuments\LeagueofLegends\Highlights) as a .webm video file. These files can be viewed by opening them in any browser that supports HTML5, and shared to social media alongside your cat gifs.

The current season is scheduled to end November 6, so expect the replay system to be rolled out soon after that.

This announcement is just the latest in anticipated Riot announcements, following the return of solo queue, additional team-branded in-game content and the addition of crowdfunding to the Worlds prize pool