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You can add AR spectating to the list of features we want from Riot

Thanks to this video.

Between games 1 and two of the 2016 League of Legends World Championship Semi-Final between SK Telecom and ROX Tigers, Riot debuted the first video in their new series called Playmaker.

In this video, sub-titled The Catalyst: Reignover centers on North American LCS team Immortals’ jungler Ui-jin “Reignover” Kim. The video features Reignover responding to a player question by narrating his thought process during a game of Solo Queue as he sits at a desk in a Warehouse. In front of him the game he is playing is stylized in a augmented reality style that displays Summoner’s Rift as well as all of the champions and necessary information in the game.

During his narration Reignover explains how his ally Kayle getting caught on an over extension toplane helps to set up a chance for Reignover himself to gank the Kayle’s opponent leading to a kill. After Respawning the Kayle goes bottom lane for a double kill and dragon. Finally Reignover ends the video by commenting that, “Every mistake is an opportunity.”