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Teen reportedly dies in accident after League of Legends game

Tragic news out of Brazil.

G1 Globo

Tuesday morning, reports broke of a young boy from Brazil accidentally hanging himself after a loss in League of Legends. According to G1 Globo, and also reported by the Mirror and Daily Mail, 13 year-old Gustavo Detter from São Vicente died after taking part in a “choking game” after his teammates and friends blamed him for their loss.

While the situation is not entirely clear, it seems that the group of friends would routinely pressure each other into choking themselves on webcam if they were to blame for the loss, whether for punishment or for “fun.” Gustavo’s friends were reportedly watching him suffocate himself via webcam when they saw him fall unconscious and alerted his cousin. Gustavo was then rushed to Hospital Ana Costa in Santos, but sadly passed away a few hours later.

G1 reports police in São Vicente are investigating the case. The Rift Herald would like to offer their sympathies to Gustavo’s family.