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Worlds Baron steals grant in-client Mystery Gift bonus

Let Peanut and Jensen carry you, too.

Update (again!): For the quarterfinal week, there is a double legendary and esports bonus following Kira’s Baron steal against H2K.

Update: For Week 2’s Mystery Gift bonus, click here!

Day 3 of Worlds has gifted us with a pair of Baron steals, which grant in-game bonuses for Mystery Skin gifts.

With G2 up 4k gold in the 23rd minute, they started Baron in hopes of turning their lead into more objective control. After a brief fight that took out two of their members, ROX Tigers’ jungler and AD Carry — Wangho “Peanut” Han and Jong In “Pray” Kim — poked the members of G2 as they continued to take the Baron. That allowed Peanut to enter the pit and smite the objective away from G2.

The Baron steal lead to a significant swing in the game’s momentum into the favor of ROX Tigers, who took the Baron buff and used it to gain a foot hold in map pressure, and bring themselves back from the brink of defeat. ROX would eventually win the game, taking sole possession of first place in Group A with a 2-0 start.

In Cloud9’s match against Flash Wolves later in the day, the team trailed the entire game until Jensen stole Baron with his Orianna.

Aside from the impact on the games themselves, at this year’s World Championships Baron steals mean something for the players watching at home as well. With these steals, Mystery Gifts gain triple the chance at giving Legendary or esports skins until October 2nd!